Hello! Genesis @ Tonberry is a casual and friendly FC welcoming everyone from any level and at any game content! The primary focus of this FC is to make friends and help anyone shall any help is needed to the best that we could!

A little about ourselves.
Our FC did not start in FFXIV. It have been around since FFXI and thus you may find many members that have been in Genesis for more than a decade- and still is. We are loyal to a fault and hopes that all who join us will be influenced as well! We had been through alot in the past year and wishes that with new members, Genesis will be refreshed and renewed.

We are a Rank 8 and well equipped company. Our FC house is situated in Limsa Mist Ward 2. The nearest aethernet to our house will be Northeast. Once there, go uphill and there we are! Feel free to visit us there. We welcome anyone even if you are not interested to join Genesis - it doesn't hurt to make more friends after all ^^

Most of our members are from the GMT+8 to +11 timezone. Of course when it comes to playing… sometimes the time doesn't matter :)
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